Friday, August 29, 2008

whose passing the wine?

whose passing
I ask of you
my beloved...
those reading these words
they are the beloved
all are...
some still sleeping
the wine (i offer) is the life...
it is the "blood" of Christ
Christ being
only love...
(it is) the elixir
that radiates the truth
of your divine essence
so, i ask of you again
whose passing the wine???
you are......
you do it
every time you see
all in front of you
to be the presence
of divinity
as you do this for me,
even though you still
see distortions
of love
in the mirror of
your self...
every time
you see the chalice
of divinity abiding
within the one
in front of you
you see our union...
and it flows through out
the blood of life
into all and every
cell of the one...
walk with me
hold my hand and see
that everywhere we walk together
we are witnessing
the presence of love...
a dream denied
a pleasure unknown
this world of unreality
yet the world of truth
is abiding
right behind
this unreal world...
with every choice for love
you bring a piece of the real world
into the unreal...
bleeding in
heaven to earth
with that
i bid you adieu

i often wonder

at the foolish pleasure
tasters of wine,
when their taste buds say
this is the pleasure
of a heaven known on earth...

yet to spill this wine
into the ground of being
the value is no more....

yet the wine of love
you offer all
once spilled upon the earth
in random disregard
enriches all
and brings a warming,
glowing sense
of heaven brought to earth....

in such appreciation
for your gift
am i enriched
with all and for all
and gladly pass the wine to all


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