Friday, August 29, 2008

the secret

the secret
oh, my beloved
I will share the secret with you...
it may not be the secret
you expected....
it may not be the secret
of how to manifest money...
it may not be the secret of how
to manifest a loving partner
it may not be the secret
of how to overcome
but it is the only "true" secret
allow me to share it with you now...
all the above desires mentioned
are the "ego"
they are the untruth...
the only "real" secret my beloved
is for "you" to desire
only the at-one-ment...
the realization
the remembrance
that All of us are
the divine....
as you desire only (Holy) this
miracles will appear
love will once again show it's face...
all will come to remember
that all of us
are only the presence
of the "thought" of love...
yes, there are many that
would want to sell you a course
on how to manifest...
and yes, you would manifest
more "stuff"
for you ARE the creator
do you want to desire
more money, more fame
more false love outside of yourself...
do you CHOOSE
to bring heaven to earth...
one simple question
yet the answer
is personal
yours to choose
if you choose
only to desire
the at-one-ment
you will come to live
and KNOW
my presence
within you...
what grander gift than this
could you ever
with that
I bid you adieu

to me

this is no secret
since i have chosen
to see and be only love
knowing that no one
and no thing can prevail
against the joy and peace
this brings....

as anything appears
not to be contained
within this love
i offer my forgiveness
for the sorrow
my rejecting of the truth
this error brings...

now not wanting more
of anything
in the realization
that all is me
and with the
at one ment
all comes of itself


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