Friday, August 29, 2008

I Am the mattress

I AM the coil in the mattress
I AM the mattress
as the coil
i appear to be separate
from all the other coils
we are one
we are the mattress itself...
there are some of us
who are here to see only love
it is our purpose
there are some of us
who are here to reflect
a mirror
where the choice for love
has been dismissed...
all of the me...
all of the coils
are perfect
oh, yes some "appear"
to be higher
some "appear"
to be lower
we are ONE
we are one mattress
for my friends
if you flip over the mattress
it is still the very same mattress
is it not???
there are those of us
lifting the whole
there are those of us
still holding it down
a little longer
all of it
all of the motion
is perfect
each coil
playing its perfect part
and when one coil
only one
chooses for love
all of the coils
are touched...
of this you can be sure....
with that
i bid you adieu
your beloved brother and friend

i choose to see only love
by that choice
all of me

thank you jesus
for the reminder
that we are but love
seeming to be apart
yet only love
in varied forms
yet only one
as love expression
and comforting mattress
to rest upon


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