Wednesday, August 27, 2008

where two or more are gathered




We have a cherished moment born of “grace”

to share with you in this your now moment

for, my beloved, all of “you “ are my beloved

if you truly re-ceive these words

they will carry you home…

so, let us begin…

where could two abide in a union

unsurpassed by the thoughts of humanity???

within the true heart my beloved…

not the heart that abides within the human body,

but the one heart that breathes you,

that lives your experience with you…

whose flame of radiance is you…

a presence within you that loves you

from a depth of love unimaginable....

in this your world of earth time

when you take this knowingness within,

what emerges is the gift of grace…

two hearts gathered together as ONE…

now, I say unto you two or more are gathered

once you re-alize this union within YOU...

I put a hyphen in re-alize only for one purpose…

you are re-membering this union

once this holiest of unions is remembered,

YOU become once again the two gathered together

AS ONE....

Now, all that are brought to you


in the midst

those whom I bring to you

are you

appearing as brother and sister

asking only for our blessing…

nothing more could exist

but the blessing of this united heart I ask of you...

take this deep within your being ness

not your mind….

as such we will together bring heaven to earth,

reality to unreality,

truth to deception....

for my beloved only love is real…..

I have said this in many ways

in many parables...

If I would have come to you

10 years, 200 years or 2000 years ago

and said



your fear would have overwhelmed you…

my beloved we are god together

let us heal the dream of illusion

only to experience in the wink of an eye,

whilst still in time,

heaven on earth- in a body

Jeshua thru Jesus

your beloved,

united with youin the heart

of abba....

my dear jesus

i gladly take your advice
now spending
all my days in seeing
only love
and being only love....
as the watcher of the thoughts
that stream thru my mind
i notice what is not
this sacred love
of my being
and gently forgive myself
as me
as you
as them
as us for
all the sorrow
my deception has evoked....
now love is known
as what we be
and this is all
that comforts me
no more is needed
no more be said
but still i thankfully find
your words i gladly read
as soothing and confirming
of the truth
that comes with
illusions silent demise....
sitting in bliss
inviting all to gather
in the name of love
so brightly shining
in the sacred heart of christ


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