Friday, August 29, 2008

i embrace

i embrace

i embrace all of me...
i thank all of me
for playing out this
thought of separation
from the truth of the
union we share
i embrace Christ
as I embrace the rapist,
for they are all "me"...
i have descended into all
of these "minds" of the
one mind...
they are all me...
I embrace all of me now
i thank all of me
for playing out my dream...
i walk the new road
a new now
i walk the road
set before me
where every sign
only love is real...
i walk the road
that sings
i love myself....
i walk the road where
a caution sign
is only there to remind me
that i have projected a thought
that fear could be real
and forgot to laugh...
i walk the road that
is made of golden stones
and whose path
leads to only one destination
a golden door
waiting for eons of time
for me to open it
as i do...
i open it with caution
a little remembrance of fear
once again rears its head
its unreality takes a moment
for me to digest...
on the throne before me
is only
it has always been me
and in this knowingness
I AM only here now
to remind you
that it is you

the sweetness of embracing

those as you
who offer only love
is soooo encouraging
and helps to still the heart
which cringes
at apparent rejection
of my loving gestures....

still i thank
these fearly witholding ones ---
though at first responding
with an angry sorrow
born of separation's thoughts...
now washed away
in the wine of forgiveness
and love's continually offerings


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