Thursday, August 28, 2008

while listening to john sherman

what you are to me

your words are spoken

they flow over me

i do not quite understand


something about you is real

it touches me in a place

I know not where

in a sense

I can not explain


I know the feeling

it reminds me

of a warmth of being

that is real


not speakable

a gratitude comes over me

I call love

pouring forth for

what you are to me

michael while listening to john

we need do no-thing to awaken ourself or others

Inspired by John Sherman:

Nothing To be done,
No place left to run,
Nothing is unkind
Except within our mind.

There is no further shore,
There is no better door,
When searching we will lack,
There is no truer fact.

But Happily Ever After
is not a foolish matter
For when we understand
We reach a Promised Land.

There is no One to ask and no "great man" to see, except within our
Selves and there to simply Be.



michael said...

From Phil Frisk:

http://bengilberti. com/2008/ 08/sherman- video/#comments

michael said...

teri wrote:

I just wanted you to know that I am watching "we need do nothing" with John Sherman.
I strongly suspect I will watch this several times.
Michael....he is wonderful. I've seen about the first 30 minutes, but all that he says ...
are the very questions and things I have thought and pondered so many times.
I'm serious. It's a mirror of the things I ponder and slowly digest.
Thank you so much.
I love you,

michael said...

wayne said:

have the same experience of John Sherman, Michael. His message is
so minimal and yet is so truthful. The ego/thinking mind is not given
any shred of practical matter to chew upon. He just exudes the simple

michael said...

maggie wrote:

Thankyou Michael... I had an interesting experince of asking for a poem and there it was in a minute. I very much enjoyed the videos from John. Love Maggie