Sunday, December 21, 2008


you are as free as your
thoughts would allow
you to believe…

when you see all things as good
goodness begets goodness…

for all that is witnessed
comes from within the one heart…

your world
and all you see within it
is cradled
held in the loving arms
of this heart…

I have said many times
that heaven is but a thought away
I would ask of you now
to own your thoughts…

look for the shining light
within all things
for it is there…

look through what you “think you see”
and only see the shining light
for all things are one with this light

when you see all things as good
peace will fill your being ness
and from that creative center
YOU create the world around you…

when you see all things as good
you walk with the very same eyes
I walked with on earth
these eyes that now only and forever
see the light that lives within you…

you see
I recognize the light in you
for I see it as my own…
we are one radiant light
whose essence contains
all knowledge, all love
vast ~ spaciousness ~
unlimited life
joy eternal

this is the truth of who you are…
own you divinity
by seeing it in all things…

with oh so much love this day



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