Friday, December 12, 2008



you will know

you have left duality behind

when you see all things

as only this…

you gaze upon a beautiful orange tree

it’s leaves are laden with blossoms

that shine with the sun’s rays

and dance with lite

to birth the orange…

you eat of this fruit…

it is oh so sweet and full

of juices that bring health

and goodness to the body…


seasons change and the oranges

seemingly fall to their death

each one in its own time

until the tree “appears”





I would ask of you to look

at the “barren” tree again…

for even in its apparent lack

there is all the abundance

ever present

for life

is birthing again

all things serve love

until they change form…

yes, simply changing form

to serve again

when the blossoms arrive again

there is new birth

yet even in the “death” of that

which had left

was the “certainty” of new life…

so, it is all there, my love

always, all is in perfection

when life is appearing barren

simply KNOW

the new is already ready

to spring forth

in it’s perfect time…

bless the barren

as you would bless

the fullness…

it is one and the same

only YOU

believe it to be different…

with oh so much love

my heart of hearts


i sense

the truth these words convey
even in my thought of scarcity, once blessed
is abundance claimed
in apparent death accepted and embraced
is life unchanging
in you
in me
in them
in us
is but the One expressing
varied modes and sights

i sense
i sense
the beauty of your soul...
for i re-member it as the truth
of my own...
you plant seeds wherever you walk
that light up all of you
that are touched by your light...
your unceasing willingness
to be love...
to see only love...
has brought you beautiful Michael
to where I AM
that has always been the goal...
you are the touchdown...
you have arrived...
you may step now into
your Christedness...
and please,
let go of all false humility
and place this on "our" blog
with oh so much joy
Jeshua Ben Joseph
the heart of love

gladly will i do as you ask
and loudly and for all to hear and see
declare "I Am the Christ."
and offer this as mirror of yourself.

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