Saturday, December 27, 2008




I come to you now
and enter into this space
where you can read my words
and feel my love…

for if you would but take a breath…

breathe in what is within and
outside these words
you would breathe in
eternal life…

for that is what you are
breathing in the truth of yourself…

this Christmas
I celebrate
the birthing of the Christ
within all of you

for my journey was to listen
to the words of the comforter
“I and my Father are one”
and plant that very seed of truth into
the crystalline grid for humanity

because it was allowed
thru me
it is now ever present
within you…

as you choose for love
self love and Self love
for they are one and the same
you birth a remembrance
of the radiant essence that is contained
within all of creation

as you choose for love
you will witness its effects
through you

I love you
I walk with you
and this Christmas
I bow to you

for you
are as I am

bless this world you find yourself
to be in
for just the willingness to bless
all that you see
sprinkles me with joy
where I abide…

a very selfish Jeshua
for I simply love
love itself…….

may the peace of
the Christ be known and witnessed
thru you and by you

~the heart of love~

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