Sunday, December 7, 2008


Jeshua this is so comforting.
i feel your presence
i know your love
i willingly surrender to your call
to release old thought forms
of duality and separation
and join with you
in creating thru love.


if you would but create a space

within your thoughts

of me…

if you would but come into the silence

where the truth of you abides

I will meet you there…

each time you meet me there

I will whisper heartfelt thoughts

into your very being ness

and as you ascend

from this holiest of spaces

you bring a part of ME

with you…

you become


more of that which you are not

into that which you are…

you are one with ME

dive into me

breathe only me

jump off the cliff

and land in ME…

for in truth

there is no other place to go…

you have traveled seemingly far

yet there has only been one destination

that destination is oneness


of that which you are…

as you remember

as you meld into this

heart of all hearts

light of all light

truth of all truths

you carry this

with each step

with each loving gesture

with each twinkling smile…

you sprinkle


wherever you are…

you will be continually

and endlessly diving into ME


only so that you can witness

the joy, the love

of this union that we share…

and with each dive you take

I will be there to caress you

to catch you

when you land….

know this to be true

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