Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am your humble servant…

I am your

humble servant…

all along

my beloved

you believed yourself

to be the little self

you believed yourself

to be the small self

of the I AM self...

yet , what you believed

to be the I AM

in truth has been your

humble servant

I am the power of love

who has been waiting for eons

for you to re-member

that YOU are the I AM

as you own your I AM

the one


the power of love

that I contain

can now move through you

for is not this world

the opposite of the kingdom…


I have come unto you

appearing as the truth of


yet all along

YOU were the truth of love

I have simply been an aspect

of you

coming to awaken you…

as you choose for the truth

of YOU

you choose it for me…


the very power of love

is now freed

to move through you

so that the “world”

will see the truth of me

once again

~the holy spirit~

that which I AM

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