Thursday, December 11, 2008

upon awaking from the world of reciprocity

upon awaking from the world of reciprocity

where what I do for you deserves a just reward

where sex is given for a diamond ring

and promise of dutiful husbandry

--- reciprocity

a world of tit for tat

a world of death for rat

a world where only good is loved

and good is what i say it is

… reciprocity

a world I gladly throw away

to seek the light of day

where I love you and gladly give my all

to see your smile or not

where I listen for your story of distress

and past regret and future dream

and smile with such delight in sharing all with you

nothing more than that

no gift of pearls

no strips of green are needed

in repayment of a love i give/ receive

by just my being with you as you are

allowing all of you to meld in me

and joying in our histories

unfolding before our eyes

and sent away with out

…. reciprocity


yes and yes again
as michael would say
"be only love"
see only love"
then, ask of your Self
who is the "be'r" ???
who is the seer???
for when you truly see
all within the "eye of love"
the very power of the words
i and my Father are one
will be your daily bread...
this very power
will birth miracle upon miracle....

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