Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i must confess

i must confess

i feel some sadness
at giving up the role of teacher
i formally gave myself
i seem to have nothing to do
but witness to the unfolding
of the truth of who i am
this willingness to join
with jeshua energies
in observation instead of intervention
seems to leave me empty
.my sense of worth seems diminished
a feeling of lose ensues
much guilt for imagined past mistakes arise
all these feelings i allow
and observe in the total trust
i offer myself
within the energies of jeshua
that all is blessed as
i patiently await my transforimg

THE ONE of you

we have those who lift

and those who are lifted…

all are perfect…

all are you

as the observer

you now are one with ME

you observe the lifters…

you observe the unconditional

love of the lifters as your self


you observe the process of your self

being lifted

into the remembrance

of your true Self…

you see them all as perfect

yet of yourself you do nothing…

your purpose is to allow

the process…

to be the perfect vehicle

that surpasses understanding

to witness the atonement

and to bless the process

is to heal creation

through yourself

as you do this “with” Me

you become the bridge home

with that

I bid you adieu


Anonymous said...

your response to denisa's words is so touching to me, michael.
i feel you are speaking for me as well.....
much love to u.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
What gives? You're starting to sound like me! Ha, ha! It is a difficult journey---for me allowing. I am still working on being OK. I hear the past and when I do it is time to recognize and --- always new and exciting ---sometimes depressing yet always an experience on a new level---awareness---it comes with many challanges, doesn't it?
Who loves ya' babe. I do.

Anonymous said...


i am where you are.........a feeling of being lost has seemed to take over me...
i am somewhere but know not where, yet the realization that creation
is awakening me has put the teacher aspect to rest...
i sit here with a heavy heart, a injured foot that makes it hard to walk (not an accident)
as i seem to have no where to walk forward to..
my business has come to a halt, and i am not knowing anything...
all of these old thoughts of lack and fear are arising, so i am embracing them
and giving them to love...
thank you for sharing your feeling with me, it is an honor...
i don't know whether to cry because of the pain in my foot or the
pain of being in fear once again...
it comes and goes, i witness it and allow