Monday, November 24, 2008

Such refreshing simplicity,

Such refreshing simplicity,

Only love is...
I am.
Therefore, I am Love.

To be in love
is to be in heaven...
As i be with my full self
I am being in Love....
Therefore, when i allow all of myself to be
I am in heaven.


be not of this world…. but instead

be as the child

in a field of beauty

moving with the wind….

soaring with the birds….

be not of this world…. but instead

know thy innocence….

the simplicity of joy in every moment

delighting in the creativity

that extends from a mind

that knows only Love.


my beloved one

yes, you are all that ONE…

your purpose you may ask???

well, here is the only true secret…

there is only heaven

there can be no other

only that which is…..

that which isssssssssss

is love….

how deeply you can come to witness

this for your self

is your purpose…

to let go of all beliefs

that would limit you

for they in turn

limit the gifts I would

shower you with

a belief in wrong

a belief in right

a belief in guilt

a belief I am not the one

who brings forth

your daily bread…

to come to know ME

as yourself

to love yourself

as you love ME

to know I breathe you in every

eternal moment…

this is your purpose

discover heaven by allowing

me to bring you back to yourself…

surrender your every waking moment

into this love, this heart

I AM waiting for you to dissolve

into my love


you carry ME into the world…

with that

I bid you adieu this morn

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