Saturday, November 8, 2008

acknowledging this day to you

acknowledging this day to you
gives joy to the actions i take
something unconditional from the heart
for this is the light with in
that shines from the vessel of self

for what am i without the shared
experience of my brother[sister]
in the journey we make each day
for only from your reflection
do i see who i truly am
the love that abides in me

for in there is much reward
i receive in giving of myself
the serene stillness in the
silent solitude of self
thats so sacrosanct to me

for at this moment all has been revealed
any questions ask reaffirms
the splendor thats been given me
for it is also yours
encrypted in your heart
a gift from Holy Spirit
to awaken the Chist with in
the spendor of self

patrick o'Regan..... .prodgical son...
for the love of Yeshua ben josef

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