Friday, November 28, 2008

look for me

how can i look upon a tree
or listen to the song of a bird
or hear the whirring of automobiles racing by
or feeling the rain upon my face
or paying my taxes
or repairing a broken sink
and not see love
all of it shines
with the brightness of creation
and blesses me
as i see the truth of who I Am


I AM within all….

that wholeness of that which I AM

is contained even within

the blade of grass…

there is no where you can look

where I AM not…


you have never left me..

just an “appearance”

of separation…

look again, my beloved

as all that you see within your

personal universe

is ME…

I am within all things

I come to you as the bird that sings

as the cloud that passes by

as the song on the radio

as the kitty that purrs in your lap

even as the bill that comes in the mail…


it is all ME
all asking to be blessed

and to be “seen”

as that which it is…

try living this day

knowing that all is me..

look at all things that appear

this day

with a new eye…

the eye of the heart

that same heart

is within all…

I AM within you

you are within ME

there is no separation…

simply a belief

that this is true

keeps your from witnessing

the magical dance of creation

that I bring to you in every moment…

thank all that you see

for coming to you each and every now…

it is in this heartfelt gratitude

for that which truly is

that you will come to know ME again…

sweet dreams

my beloved

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