Friday, November 7, 2008





lesson one


the journey to the kingdom takes

you to an awakening

It slowly undoes your holy mind

from the dream of separation…

through that stage of allowance

you are brought to a place

that signifies symbol…

you begin to witness

that by allowing, trusting

you have come to see that

in truth

there is nothing here

but energy…

yes, energy in form…


the energy of God

in form…….

and you are the creator

of the forms that now enter

into your unique energy field…

now, the journey within the kingdom


you take complete responsibility

for all energies that come

to you

from YOU

now, allowance has taken

you to knowingness…

now knowingness

is birthed and allowed…

yes, you are ONE WITH ME…

and I bring all

that you believe to be true

into form…

I am the eternal

glue that holds the forms

in place….

I AM the space

between all things

and I AM

the things themselves…

I continually and eternally

bring you to YOU….

the goal is to bring


until the little you

exists no more

for it never did….

you spring out of the box

of limitation

into the world of true choice…

Choice to honor only

this union

we share…

love itself is your being…

and you are asked to create

with your loving thoughts…

to be an extension

of that which I AM


in form…

now allowance takes on

a new view…

now, your love of Self

is the driver

and you are the witness

of the forms

that I bring forward

to mirror your thoughts…

allow thoughts of love

to be your only choice…..

love of ME

love of you as ME

yes, this is the journey

within YOUR kingdom…

love is the generator

self love is the driver

value of our eternal union

now creates your reality…

so, you have moved from allowing

so that you could witness

the dance behind creation…

now, you form


with love itself….

so, for thirty days

I ask of you to continually

choose to love ME

by honoring you…

thus, you bring more and more

of ME

into your temporal dream…


we are creating a new dream

my beloved

one where only love exists…

yet, you are the creator

allow your creations…

do not judge yourself

simply witness them…

witness them with the innocence

of a baby child…



how did I bring this

energy into view….

if it feels unlike love

there is a past thought

that birthed it…


it is a seed of unworthiness…

allow yourself

to be responsible

for your personal universe…

love all creations

for is it not a mystery that

anything is manifested???


I AM giving you the seed

to create anew….

with thoughts that extend

our holy union

our shared love


they are your thoughts

of loving YOU/ME

as One….

there is only one mind

appearing as the many…

when you love YOU

you love all….

and it is felt within the mind


it raises the whole

of creation…


thru denisa

in loving appreciation

may i share this journey within
by allowing all that you create
to be as it is
it becomes my allowing
and loving of myself
just the way i am
without need to correct or reform
just acceptance and love for what is

michael of jeshua energies

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