Monday, January 5, 2009

This Moment/My Experience/Walk Into My Heart

loving arms embrace me
with such warmth

there can be no mistaking
the love that envelops me
in this moment

how sweet
how beautiful

to experience tenderness...
complete acceptance...

allowing peace to arise
as experience within this body now


more and more this is my experience...
nothing ever threatens as all is blessed
until the light of love is seen shining through
my mistaken perceptions of hate, mistrust, narcissism,
and all that is not love for me...
i surrender these false perceptions
and allow the love that is the true source of all
to enter my being with all the joy and delight divine love brings


let go of the world,
my beloved

walk the path home
to our shared heart…

it is the only walk you would
ever want to embark upon

for it is the walk
home to heaven

heaven is not a place…

“it is a state of being”

it is living in ~knowing~
that only love is real…
I promise you that you will
be standing right where you are
when you arrive

there may be many stones
of old fears
to walk through on this journey
home to our shared bliss

yet each one
you walk through
brings heaven closer…

closer with each passing moment

this burning heart filled with passion
and wonder
awaits you…

it has awaited you since
the moment you walked away
to play in duality

my open arms await you
with each breath you take
know you are surrounded in
a bubble of love
that walks with you
and never could leave you

what joy awaits you!!!

the voice for love

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