Monday, January 5, 2009

Remembering Your Divinity/My Divinity/Remember


~be as the little child~

this process that you find yourself
(all selves)
in now
is one of remembrance

yes, for in truth there has never
been need of a journey
to find your truth…

it has always been within you
since before the stars were birthed
in the skies…

yes, You were created as that eternal
extension of divine love
before time was birthed from
your “desire” for it…

yes, this is how powerful you are
your “desire” to experience
yourself in form
birthed your reality

you are the divine child of love
birthed from wonder
never ending radiance
extending its wholeness into
all of this created world at this moment
of your journey

it is time now for you to awaken
to your divinity
to re-ignite the burning flame of love
that exists right behind your earthly
heart space

to look at all things with the wonder
of the innocent child..
to observe the mystery
to know that you are worthy
of all love, all joy

to remember so deeply that this is
the truth of you
“pure spirit animating a body”

does not the little child look to its mother
and say
“I am hungry”

the child waits to be fed…

knowing that the mother
will always feed it from the
breast of life giving fluids…

and so it is eternally
if you would but reclaim
your heritage…

the silver lining is right outside
of every thought

you are worthy of all good things…
you “are” the divine child of love

with that
I take leave this day
my heart, our shared heart
overflows and extends itself
into all of creation this day


and so it is….


as i join with you and anne in expressing jeshua energies
i feel my divinity rising in my little self
and being absorbed into the bliss of the all
no effort on my part
only willingness to allow all
to reveal the love that creates all
even the distortions i make to hide from the truth.
i am here to remember...
remember my beautiful Self
the Self created from Source
the beloved Giver of Life

i have never left home...
simply forgotten in a moment
of desire for experience of the 'other'

now....i remember i am home
and it is truly in communion with
those beloved reflections i 'see'
that my divinity is realized.


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