Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now Is the Time to Choose Your Perfection

Now Is the Time to Choose Your Perfection

Here is beautiful expression of where denisa, anne and I are at this time.
Words so comforting, so endearing to us as the One.

So simple to know and follow as all is unraveling

from the thoughts of separation

that tried to lock us in a prison of despair and regret.
NOW we are free.

At last we are free


within all things

within all moments

within all

is always


your resistance to what “is”

is what depletes you

I would ask of you this day

to embrace…

embrace it all

this is the way of the master

and you

my sweet one

are all Master’s

all that come’s and go’s

is asking for you to embrace it

for as you embrace

you say to Me

“I know you only birth perfection”

you are one with Me

I am your highest Self

and I bring all life

into form

what does this say to you???

you do not need to know

what a single thing is for

you do need

to embrace and bless…

this is how you extend love…

by bringing “love” to all things

your ideas of love

are in need of an adjustment

allow me to give you an example..,

you love your garden

you love to work in your garden

you think it is the garden

that brings you joy…

no, it is the joy that you

bring to the garden that births

your experience…

the garden itself is neutral

you bring your love to the garden…

it is you, my sweet one

you bring your love to all things

let me adjust your heart…

let me remind you why you came

you came to see all with the

eye of love

the only true power

is love

and love heals all things

transmutes all things

transcends all things

walk into each now moment in peace

for to walk into a moment

in judgment

sets it in stone

that is how powerful you are…

when you judge it

you lock it in to your reality

simply peace

peace and embracement

you are

all of you

and CHRIST simply IS…

you are my seed

of perfection…

Sit in your stillness and allow these words to sink into your awareness.

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