Friday, January 16, 2009



Today I relinquish all mine – less -ness

I do not posses my body I use it only to demonstrate that whatever form or state it may seem to be, I have chosen this form/state. I bless it just as it is and so I bless myself. I know it can have no effect upon me but I use it to either extend and expand love or to hide from the truth of my powers as a creator. Today I choose the creator role as the only true role I can choose for myself. And look upon this body with love; seeing it as good, holy and beautiful.

Today I know that I do not possess cancer and the tumors and cells that seem to be running wild in my body, knowing they have come to help me achieve my purpose as the light of Love. I see them as an instrument/ symbol of goodness, holiness and beauty; as but a reflection of myself. I have total confidence there will serve my purpose to extend love perfectly to see but love and be but love. I willingly follow all that inner guidance directs and provides in the fulfillment of this purpose

My family is not mine we are but a collection of light energies who have agreed to relate so that each may awaken in his or her own way to the completeness that we are as the ONE created being meant to extend this beingness into whatever we desire

My possessions are not mine (car, houses, money, pets, furniture, jewels, etc.) just toys I choose to use to play duality games. NOW that my choice to awaken is totally accomplished I yet may still use them for the service they provide for my joy and appreciation.


yes, you walk in the shoes of the heart...
you breathe the truth of eternal life
for all to witness...
we are all of it...
our hearts overflow
with gratitude
for your shared journey
that allows us to witness
love in action...


this day, every NOW

there is only one purpose….

to extend

the good, the holy

and the beautiful…

I AM within all things…

as I shine my light

I shine it within you

and you and you…

all of ME

as I see only love

love asks of me to let go

more and more of what I think

I see

love asks of me to be present

in my now

to walk as the light of Christ I AM

and to use the power of the

mind that I am one with

to extend itself…

I AM one with all I see…

my beloved hides his/her perfect radiance

yet more and more I see myself

in thee

I AM one with all…

I AM the freedom of the eagle

the laughter of the child

the miracle on the Hudson River

the breeze that soothes the soul…



being that which I AM
my feet have only one direction

to follow

love leads me there…

no other

my little self has dissolved into

the mystery that I AM

I see thru the masks of time

and gaze only upon

that which I AM

I lovingly bring all of me

back into this heart of love

and I say out loud



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