Saturday, January 17, 2009


so clearly said
i know truth in these words
the allowing of each
to find his way home
in his/her own unique way
opens up my sight of love
in all i see


Know you discernment?

When you have questions…

choices to make…

How do you know what is best for you?

Where do you go within yourself

to make those decisions?

Dear ones,

discernment lies within the heart

here you will find your truth

for any question you ask or choice you make

this is a moment to moment experience…

a journey taken by you alone

not to be confused or compared with another’s

each of you is called to find your own way

thru the heart of love that speaks to you

neither judgment nor criticism lives here

only love…..

and the particular choice

that is right for you

allow others their path

for their journey is uniquely their own

Honor theirs as you honor your own

as perfect…

for it is

So, my dear ones, your heart

is the center of discernment

allow it to be the director of your life

allow it full expression

it is waiting for your acknowledgement

so it can bring you the joy

you deeply desire

your heart knows love when it meets it

when it comes to love

it is on automatic pilot

allow it to act on your behalf

open to the unknown possibilities

yet to come

it is only thru the heart

that this can occur

only thru the heart will you find

your center for discernment


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