Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i have nothing to fear

i have nothing to fear
knowing I Am the One
the all of everything I AM
there is no other to threaten me
there is no thing to threaten me
i call these things to myself
this i know and with each call
Love is revealed
as my purpose for calling
I live in the bliss of NOW


every now is new…

every now moment is you and me

dancing together…

in that space

the only space that truly exists

all is well…

your little self

wants to live in the past

and in the future

for it knows its certain death

will come

if you live only in the NOW

the past and future do not exist…

only now exists

let that little mind die

oh, it will dance its dance

of fear

its voice will grow and grow

for it wants to survive!!!!

simply witness the fear

and give it to me…

over and over again

give it to me…

all the masters have said

only this…



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