Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This Resonates So with Me

allowing of all is a way i be
and all becomes so beautiful for me
what before was avoided
is now sought to bring
the parts of love refused
to the fore that my fear
had sought to disguise and hide
i am so thankful dear jeshua thru denisa
that comes with the strength of God
to prey open my heart
and allow the love that it contains
to flow to all of me
no matter what form i may take
no matter what disguise i may try
it is all me and it is all love
for what is it but the love of God
expressed in form unending and undisguised



in the “old now”

we surrendered all upon

the golden platter…

we gave up our thought

of what anything was for

and gave all to love…

we could only see with the

two eyes of the body…

in the “new now”

we walk in the shoes

of knowingness…

we know all is abiding within

the womb of perfection

as the dew drop itself

arises and dissolves

into the vastness of the ocean…

our purpose as the servant

has come full circle…

to bless all appearances unlike love

so they can dissolve and be transformed

by the very “power” we now carry

within our one heart…

Knowingness comes with ownership

of the power of love (light)

we carry wherever we find ourselves

to be…

no longer in the world to get…

to obtain…

to seek…

to fix…

to own…

to need…

we walk the world as the Christ (consciousness)

that we are…

radiating the love that moves thru

our earth vehicle…

knowing our Source provides all

as we put Love’s voice first

and the enticements of the “world” last…

“being” the presence of love

that radiates peace, compassion

and reverence for all of “me”

me “being” all that is….

each one I encounter I am asked to

speak to as the Christ they are…

when I speak to the Christ of another

that very essence reveals itself to me…

thus I receive as I give…

love’s dance of perfection

encircles me as I still walk moments

in time…

heaven reveals its presence even in

the mud of time

as I see only heaven in all things…

what I “see” I “be”

the old now of surrender

a teaching tool outgrown

becomes the walk of knowingness

that love’s presence

is within all moments

a delight to behold

if one would choose for it…

this is the walk of the

new now…

“being” the presence of love

wherever I find myself to be

as wherever I AM is love’s

perfect moment…

extending the presence of “love”

I hear…

“be as the bird who sings

sweet nothings each morn

for your delight…

the bird, the song, the morn

are all gifts radiating from love

for your pleasure…

I am within the bird, the song, the morns

first breath…

you are within the bird, the song, the morns

first breath…

you are ME…

behold the radiant ONE

it is you

within all…

in this your new now…

you are love’s presence

in the form of a body

radiating a reminder to all

of the love that lives within them

simply, eloquently


by your presence….

shine, shine, shine…

sing ….sing…sing…


oh love that you are

extend ME into whatever world

you find your Self to be in

for eternity…

an eternity of “now moments”

for extending the glory

of the love that sustains you…

this is who you are in truth

you re simply remembering

this to be so….

delight in it

be with it

own it…

give ME/you to the world

once again

as it was in the beginning….




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