Wednesday, July 29, 2009



i can no longer be a victim
of anything or anyone...
i know myself as consciously
creating all with all...
this is the at-one-ment
of which i sought
to release the world
from suffering and death...
to bring us all to the door of heaven
open to reveal
the beauty of our shining faces...
holding hands we take our places
and join the chorus of song
in thanksgiving and praise
for our creation by One
Who Loves and Loves
and Loves and...........eternally


"In crucifixion is redemption laid, for healing is not needed where there is
no pain or suffering. Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind. So is
attack deprived of its effects, and hate is answered in the name of love. To
you to whom it has been given to save the Son of God from crucifixion and
from hell and death, all glory be forever. For you have power to save the
Son of God because his Father willed that it be so. And in your hands does
all salvation lie, to be both offered and received as one." (T-26.VII.17)

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