Wednesday, March 18, 2009



how does my goal

to consciously be the truth of me...

to literally manifest a loving heart

in all moments of life

without pre-determining

what manifesting a loving heart

‘should’ look like......

how does this serve the other?

if.....i accept that the other and I are one

if.....i accept all I encounter is but me

if.....i allow the choice for oneness

to be my only reality

then....there can be only one goal...

for I have chosen the truth

that all lives within me

and radiates out to all ‘parts of me’

the desire of my goal acts as a homing device

bringing home whatever resonates

with me.....with the goal.......

with the love I extend....

in that way all... Life is raised up

my walk into ever-expanding

Self- realization

assists all life in its desire

to experience the Source

Who is the Ultimate Goal

while I make my choice

seemingly alone as the small, separate ‘i’...

any experience of heightened awareness

that occurs for me

impacts all others on an energetic level

in any Grace-filled moment

when I remember Love to be the truth of me

fellow travelers are lifted and supported

to higher dimensions of themselves

this is the Reality of the One Mind

where any shift in energy

impacts all dimensions

all universes



reverberating un-endingly


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