Sunday, March 29, 2009



as we let go of that which we are not

that which we are


expands itself…

we are transformers of energy…

as we reclaim lost aspects of our self

and bring them home to oneness

we “free energy”

we free love itself to expand

into all of creation…

love is never lost…

only forms come and go

love itself goes nowhere

it simply becomes more of itself…

as I “see only love”

I witness this truth

my energy field expands …

as love, it finds itself lighting up

that which it is not…

I simply bless the appearance

and bring it to the one heart

to be recycled…


the “old” becomes the new

and love expands again

thus, I heal creation

thru my self…

what grander purpose

could there possibly be???


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is true. Light wants to be light and to be shown and emmanate tot he ends of the Earth. That is God's will. As i allow it to dissolve the darkness within me, the light within me expands and I see love more and more all around me. My heart grows in love for God, in commitment for God, and also in love for his people. The light is love and the love is His Kingdom.