Wednesday, March 25, 2009




when fear thoughts take hold

there is a spiraling energy downward

that I experience

the sensation of this energy

captivates my attention

as fear thought upon fear thought

seeks to compound

the intensity of the emotion...

a feeling......bordering on panic

overwhelms me as I sink

ever deeper into a dark hole

“where am i?” I ask.

“how did I let this happen?”

S i l e n c e .....

I b r e a t h e .....

and I h e a r...

“you have given yourself

the gift of experience...

feel your creation called fear...

feel it thru and thru

so you can then choose

something different if you wish

in the quiet of this Now moment

you can remember what is real...

look, beloved, to new choices...

new choices made in a quiet moment

where something else is possible...

you have walked many miles

with one foot in heaven

and the other foot in hell...

you have walked the highway called fear

each choice you made for fear

became a thorn

and as you collected these thorns,

you produced a crown

that encircled your head

reinforced by years of habit

blood came forth producing agony...

you have lived the pain of punishment

many times over...

years of tears

from years of fears

this is the legacy you create

each time you choose to live in fear...

until you choose a new way...

a new thought...

a new belief about yourself...

and each time you commit yourself

to this discipline of seeing anew

a thorn from your crown is dissolved

and in its place a flower blooms

symbolizing your movement

back to Heaven.”


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