Wednesday, December 8, 2010



desire only to be ~the open heart of love~
which is to be the vessel thru which
the love that Christ is ....that god is
extends itself eternally...

~the open heart~ has surrendered its guilty self
Back into the hands of a perfectly loving god
Thus revealing to itself
Its own innocence

Now the remembrance of the truth of its innocence
begins to burst forth
Like the petals of the lotus
As it embraces itself in its own

As it allows all unlike love within
Its temporary dream
To dissolve as a mist that has veiled
The beauty of the sun that ~waits in the wings~

The ~open heart~ has
Remembered to only place its value
On its union with
Its true Self..

Having come face to face
With its guilty self
And seen that this one
Could not possibly be outside
Of itself
It embraces the effects of its temporary
And ~values~ only the love it has come
To know it truly IS…

The ocean of love that rests in silence
And springs forth all of creation
Desires to move thru you
As ~ itself~
And touch the furthest of stars…

This touch ….this love that knows that
all exist now within its heart of love
desires to awaken all of itself
back into a full state of remembrance
of this one reality...

It embraces itself
as ~you~ choose to love
the Self
without exception..

it is to be responsible
For your union
With that which breathes you
Within each now eternally..

It is to choose and value
Only that ~ one real relationship~
From which all others
Spring forth…
Allowing all that you have created unlike this union..
This reflection of pure love
To simply fall away from view…

In order for you
To experience ~ yourself~
As that which brings heaven
To earth again
Ask yourself this
Within each breath…within each choice…

Do my thoughts in this moment …this now arising
Honor the truth of me…my god self..

~my essence within that is the presence of love~

Or do they honor my guilty self
Thus creating worlds upon worlds
Of unreality…

What am I truly choosing to value
Within each arising???

That aspect of myself that I created
The moment I believed I could
Possibly be separate from this love
Or am I choosing from that part of me
That ~knows~

It is already ~one with god..???

Yes… it is for you to remember
What it is to ~love as god loves~

Ask yourself each day…
How does my father love ???

How does my Creator…that which
I am an extension of eternally
How does this ocean of love that
Lives within me ~truly~ love ???

How can I simply be a vessel for this
Love that desires to transform and bless creation
thru me???

The answer is your pathway home…

Love allows all things…
Love embraces all things..
Love transforms all things
And thus transcends
~all things~

To take it deep within your being that
~there is nothing outside of you~
And that all of you is worthy
Of your love…

~this is how I love you~

For I know the love that brought you forth
Only extends the good..the holy and the beautiful…

That which ~it is~..
~that which you are~

Allow this to be your only one desire
For it is thru that very choice
That you will remember
The true ~creator~ you are….

Peace be with you
Eternally I am one with you…